Namibia Dairies is pleased to announce the commencement of its new fiscal year on 01 July, marking a fresh chapter filled with promise and strategic alignment. Following a year of momentous change and redirection, Acting Managing Director Wynand Oosthuizen expressed his excitement for the 12 months ahead.

“We are entering this new financial year with great anticipation and a clear strategic approach that is fully aligned with the O&L Group's Vision 2029,” said Oosthuizen. “Our vision is underpinned by the core principles of authenticity, care, and passion, guiding us in having open and honest conversations, building lasting relationships based on trust and integrity, caring for our business and its future, and striving to exceed expectations through innovative approaches.”

Oosthuizen extended his heartfelt gratitude to the entire Namibia Dairies team for their unwavering focus and dedication, particularly over the past six months. “Their efforts have laid a solid foundation for our new financial year, and I am confident that together, we will continue to achieve remarkable success.”

Namibia Dairies looks forward to a year of growth, innovation, and continued commitment to excellence, driven by the collective efforts and passion of its dedicated team.