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Namibia Dairies Welcomes New Financial Year with Renewed Enthusiasm and Strategic Vision
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Everyday goodness

Delivering Everyday Goodness from farm to your table

From the pastures of our !Aimab Superfarm to stores around the country, we focus on infusing Everyday Goodness into everything we do to empower every member of your family. This starts with a few crucial steps, taken before our milk graces your table.


!Aimab Superfarm

The wholesome range of dairy products from Namibia Dairies originates at our state-of-the-art !Aimab Superfarm in Mariental, where over 90 dedicated experts lovingly care for our cows, ensuring they’re happy and healthy – ultimately, happy cows produce the purest milk!


Avis Factory

From the !Aimab Superfarm, the milk is swiftly transported to our Avis Manufacturing Plant in Windhoek. Here the raw milk undergoes strict quality checks and has to pass critical control points to warrant the freshest, purest milk and fresh cream and delectable yoghurts and cultured products. At our manufacturing plant in Avis we also produce our other popular brands, including Sunsation®️ dairy mixes and Rietfontein®️ nectar juices.


Bringing Pure Goodness to You

From Avis, our range of quality products embarks on a chilled journey to retailers nationwide, ready for you to enjoy Everyday Goodness with every meal.


The proof is in every drop

We take pride in being a world-class, local company with a heart for powering what’s inside our people. We invite you to experience the mastery and passion we put into delivering the Everyday Goodness of all our products to households across Namibia.

!Aimab Superfarm

Built in 2009, the !Aimab Superfarm, situated close to Mariental in the south of Namibia, is one of the most modern dairy farms. Managed and led by a team of 90 experts, the farm currently has some 1200 cows in milk, out of a total dairy herd of approximately 2400 animals. The dairy cows are housed in large cow houses with dedicated ventilation, resting and feeding areas. Calves are housed in the specifically designed and dedicated calf houses. The feed for the dairy cows consists of a total mixed ration and deep-litter system, which is a controlled feeding of cows in large barns with a semi-intensive milk production process. The !Aimab Superfarm  produces an average of 34,000 litres of the purest milk - free of artificial hormones - every single day. The cows are milked in the leading-edge milk parlour. 60% of all feed is supplied from Superfarm’s own agronomy and 40% from external feed suppliers. Twelve-month herd growth is at 22% (vs. an industry average of 4%). Regarding herd health and genetics, the !Aimab Superfarm holds its own in line with industry best standards.

Avis Manufacturing Plant

The raw milk collected at the !Aimab Superfarm is tanked to the Namibia Dairies manufacturing and processing plant in Windhoek. Here, on 31.54ha, a 190-strong production, processing and quality team oversees the plant’s well-maintained filling and packing lines to produce the purest fresh milk, long-life milk and fresh cream on the market, as well as Namibia Dairies’ flagship cultured products which range from yoghurts to dairy mixes and juices under the strictest quality controls and standards. The procurement and distribution teams in turn ensure all raw materials are on site as and when needed and that products reach their destinations on time and in full. In line with the O&L Group of Companies’ consistent focus on sustainability and to help cover the energy needs and cut operational costs of the plant, Namibia Dairies, in cooperation with O&L Nexentury, installed a solar plant in 2018. The plant consists of two roof-mounted installations of 252 kWp and 310 kWp, a 140 kWp greenfield installation as well as a rooftop plant with a capacity of 80 kWp installed on top of the carport.

Namibia Dairies Headquarters

Headquartered in Windhoek, Namibia Dairies’ administrative and strategic centre is situated in its double-storied head office in Prosperita. This is also home to Namibia Dairies’ Windhoek depot. From there the products are distributed directly to the company’s many retail partners across the country. At the Prosperita site the company’s 305-strong sales, distribution and administrative team keeps the wheels in motion behind the scenes as they ensure product orders are placed, orders are shipped and delivered on time, its portfolio of brands remains relevant and top-of-mind with consumers and its people are valued and considered, all in line with the O&L Persona’s core of authenticity, care and passion.