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Namibia Dairies Implements Supplementary Winter Levy to Support Dairy Farmers Amidst Challenging Conditions
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Namibia Dairies Welcomes New Financial Year with Renewed Enthusiasm and Strategic Vision
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The low-fat Everyday yoghurt range has a variety of delicious, well-loved flavours. Everyday yoghurt is the perfect snack or breakfast option for everyone, whether enjoyed on its own or used as a versatile ingredient in recipes or enjoyed on-the-go in our convenient 6-pack. Remember to keep this refreshing range chilled between 1 and 5 °C.

Greek-style yoghurt is deliciously creamy and smooth. Whether as a stand-alone with crunchy granola and fruit, as a blended dessert laced with yoghurt, cinnamon and honey, or in a savoury sauce, Namibia Dairies’ Greek-style yoghurt is sure to make any meal that much more rewarding.

Namibia Dairies’ Bulgarian yoghurt is a sugar-free, fat-free yoghurt. Try this for a healthy dessert refreshment on a hot summer day by simply blending frozen or fresh fruit, a dash of honey and Bulgarian yoghurt to give you the ultimate frozen yoghurt treat. Layer with granola for breakfast on-the-go or use in dressing and dips to make any salad or meat dish that much more delectable.

Snackies low-fat dairy snack yoghurt brings you the friendliest fruit characters on the shelf. The six-pack yoghurts are a delicious and fun snack choice for kids and a convenient and healthy value option for moms. Simply delicious!

MyMoo, the fun and delicious flavoured yoghurt on-the-go, has three well-loved flavours - banana, vanilla and strawberry. MyMoo is the perfect healthy and tasty yoghurt treat for young kids and remains a top choice for parents. Remember to keep this on-the-go treat chilled between 1 and 5 °C.